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This is a concrete, meaningful partnership, with CHEREAU clearly committed to the industrialisation and sale of hydrogen-powered refrigerated vehicles. Our strategy goes further than this, as we are also involved in promoting the hydrogen sector in France. We participate in trade fairs such as HYVOLUTION, which is held each year in Paris and which Energy Observer also attends.

CHEREAU and Energy Observer are both members of France Hydrogène (previously Afhypac) and participate in various projects to set up the sector.


For CHEREAU, Energy Observer is a wonderful example and a source of inspiration which demonstrates that the energy transition is possible if it is driven by a strong commitment to green innovation and a keen sense of environmental responsibility. The vessel is a real floating smart grid which has already covered over 30,000 nautical miles in its Odyssey. It has made 63 stopovers in 28 countries to promote new environmentally friendly energy solutions made possible by technologies which are today mature: a mix of renewable energies combined with a seawater electrolysis hydrogen production and storage system.

Through its commitment to the hydrogen sector, CHEREAU is a partner for Energy Observer in the full sense of the word.

This partnership with CHEREAU is an opportunity to continue working towards the deployment of real, alternative systems to fossil fuels.

“We are proud to participate in the construction of an ecosystem of stakeholders committed to clean energy,” states Victorien Erussard, Chairman, captain and founder of Energy Observer.


On the industrial side, CHEREAU is making progress in setting up its hydrogen vehicle production facility.

The CHEREAU Hydrogen Power H2 refrigerated semi-trailer generates its own cold in complete silence without producing CO2 or particle emissions (the only emission being water vapour). Its operating mode does not change the customer’s habits in any way, as hydrogen refuelling only takes ten minutes.


For Damien Destremau, Chairman of THE REEFER GROUP and CHEREAU: “By 2030, 25% of the company’s production will be made up of hydrogen vehicles, a proportion which could rapidly increase depending on the speed at which the hydrogen supply infrastructure is deployed.

This project is part of a global environmental approach which is also used on a different scale on our vehicles. We are working in parallel on the fuel-efficiency of CHEREAU vehicles with VIP (vacuum insulated panel) insulation which enables a reduction of up to 25% in refrigeration unit operating time. Weight reduction is another area of constant progress. All of these projects represent major investments which are essential to ensure that the energy transition is made as quickly as possible. It is a clear choice on the part of our company and we are convinced that our customers will understand it, support it and encourage it.


About Energy Observer


The Energy Observer project was born in 2013 from the commitment of Victorien Erussard, a merchant navy officer and ocean racer. Conscious that it is now vital to take action to save the planet, he assembled a team of complementary professionals, sailors, scientists, engineers and reporters to create the first autonomous vessel able to draw its energy from nature whilst also preserving it.


The dream became reality four years later, when the Energy Observer vessel was launched for the first time. Developed from a legendary racing catamaran, Energy Observer is an ecological transition laboratory designed to push back the limits of zero emission technologies. Hydrogen, solar, wind and tidal energy are all solutions experimented, tested and optimised on the vessel to make clean energies a practical reality accessible to all.


Sailing the seas to meet those seeking sustainable solutions for the planet day in, day out, Energy Observer has become a movement, a round-the-world Odyssey where each stopover is an opportunity to learn, understand and share each other’s energy.


Energy Observer has received the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. As the first French ambassador for the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, it is officially supported by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, UNESCO, the European Union, Irena and Ademe.


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