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More and more pharmaceutical products are temperature-sensitive and require appropriate transport conditions to preserve the cold chain in compliance with good distribution practices (GDP). As a member of the Pharma Logistic Club, CHEREAU is actively involved in this sector of excellence and with its Pharma-C certificate offers a solution which is tried and duly tested with Cémafroid. The new CHEREAU Performance range, with its record insulation based on VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) technology is ideal to satisfy the requirements of this type of transport.



The CHEREAU Pharma-C certificate is only granted to vehicles which have been duly tested with Cémafroid under the most severe conditions (outside temperatures of -30°C to + 40°C) and whose temperature uniformity performances are justified by mapping according to standard FD X15-140. These performances are achieved by specific programming of the refrigeration unit. Two probes per compartment with metrological verification, a temperature recorder and the possibility to install a customer telematics system allow real-time monitoring.



VIP, or Vacuum Insulated Panel technology, is a breakthrough innovation based on vacuum (the best insulation there is), and makes it possible to achieve record insulation performance.

A CHEREAU Performance semi-trailer equipped with a recessed lashing rail can achieve a K factor of 0.27!



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CHEREAU’s patented electric rear door opening system, with pulsed opening in less than 10 seconds.
Its exclusive kinematics with opening above the body allows the installation of all the interior fittings that are essential for modern urban deliveries. In the CHEREAU NEXT range, its operation can be directly linked to that of the tailgate. 


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The AirShutter-C curtain limits transfers between the internal and external air. If the temperatures are different, it starts up automatically, thus helping to extend rounds for the vehicle.



This ventilation duct system, developed by CHEREAU, enables the same temperature to be maintained throughout the entire body to the nearest degree and cools down the walls quicker. It optimises the performance of the refrigeration unit.



To optimise air circulation within the body, CHEREAU has developed a vertical grille on the front bulkhead providing a blown air flow rate of more than 4,150 m3 per hour. As a result, it improves the performance of the refrigeration unit and helps to maintain an even temperature inside the body. It also provides protection for the vehicle's front bulkhead.



INOGAM bodies with hinged doors can be fitted with a built-in CHEREAU anti-theft system. Based on a "drawer" type padlock, it is inaccessible to tools generally used to break in to trucks (bolt cutters, angle grinders, crowbars, etc.). It is also protected against impacts and spray. Other customised anti-theft systems can be provided to protect the very high added value goods.


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Electric locking system for the rear doors controlled by code, badge, remote control or remotely via telemetrics. It can be supplemented by anti-lift devices on the door hinges.


Whether to automatically switch off the refrigeration unit when the vehicle door is opened, or to feed back “doors open” information to the dashboard (CHEREAU NEXT range) or via telematics, the door contact is an essential accessory for energy efficiency and operating security.




In addition to the refrigeration units available for the CHEREAU Pharma-C certificate, other certified solutions can be considered from other refrigeration unit manufacturers.

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