CHEREAU - Refrigerated vehicles - Design and application of your liveries


The livery for your CHEREAU refrigerated vehicle



Vehicles, semi-trailers or rigids provide a large area that is suitable for marketing, whether this is to promote the haulage company, the final customer or its products.


As a result, our customers regularly customise their vehicles, using one or more colours on the chassis, wheels, pallet carrier, etc. as well as applying a livery to the body.

CHEREAU's solutions


From simple adhesive lettering to a full covering, including the cab, body and refrigeration unit, our design studio will provide you with a customised solution based on your specific marketing requirements.


For the best possible quality, application of liveries is carried out directly at the end of the production line. This allows our customers to benefit from a vehicle that is ready for use. Liveries are also available on used vehicles - both CHEREAU and other makes. They can be applied in our workshops or shipped for application in an external workshop.