CHEREAU innovations

For almost 70 years, CHEREAU has been devoting the utmost care to the production of high-performance refrigerated vehicles.

CHEREAU is constantly innovating to offer our customers solutions adapted to their operational needs. Our customised production policy means they benefit from tools tailored to their specific needs and allows us to offer ever more efficient and reliable products..


CHEREAU has a Research and Development centre to respond to cold chain evolution.


Our Research and Development teams work closely with the drivers, loaders and repairers who use our products. CHEREAU conceives innovative products which anticipate their needs. The expertise and experience of the designers, prototype technicians and testers mean we are able to produce products offering ever-increasing efficiency and reliability. The company uses 3D design, simulation and printing tools to best assess new solutions before having them validated by users under real-life conditions. The chosen concepts are industrialised, driven by a constant concern to achieve quality at the best price.

Our teams meet your expectations and needs for innovation, manufacturing, rental and repair of semi-trailers, rigid trucks and other refrigerated vehicles. CHEREAU supports businesses every day!