The guaranteed genuine CHEREAU spare part

CHEREAU does its utmost to assist you throughout the lifetime of your vehicles.


This is why we offer a wide range of guaranteed genuine CHEREAU spare parts.


The guaranteed genuine CHEREAU spare part means over 4,000 references with CHEREAU quality aiming to safeguard the performances and resale value of your equipment. All parts fitted to your CHEREAU vehicle (including tailgate, refrigeration unit, axles, etc.) are available and stocked in our store. They can be shipped all over France and abroad.
Some parts require slightly longer manufacturing and procurement times. For this reason shipping times are assessed on a case-by-case basis.


The catalogue of guaranteed genuine CHEREAU spare parts offers most spare parts with photographs, weight, price (upon request), detailed mounting plan and an indicative availability time.


If the part you need is not available or if you need further information, do not hesitate to contact the spare parts department, who will be delighted to help you.


Are you interested in CHEREAU spare parts?


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