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CHEREAU's refrigerated semi-trailers


CHEREAU's refrigerated semi-trailers are universally recognised within the industry for their performance, road holding, strength and low maintenance costs. These qualities are the direct result of CHEREAU's innovation, in terms of both bodywork and chassis design. One example is the Bumper-C (patented by CHEREAU), which enables the entire rear structure of a vehicle to be protected when backing up to a dock.


All of CHEREAU's semi-trailers are approved on a European level (RCE - European Community Approval), which facilitates the registration process of a new or used vehicle.


Benefiting from a high resale value, CHEREAU's semi-trailers offer a particularly favourable carrying / operating cost ratio. They are the preferred choice of hundreds of carriers looking for a solid and reliable product, whose performance is maintained over time and which conveys a good image of their company.