New refrigerated semi-trailers · France Europe

CHEREAU refrigerated semi-trailers are unanimously recognized by the profession for their performance, their durability, their robustness, and their low maintenance costs. These qualities are the direct result of CHEREAU innovations, both in terms of body design and chassis. For example, the Bumper-C (CHEREAU patent), which protects the entire rear structure of the vehicle when docked.


All CHEREAU semi-trailers are approved at European level (RCE - European Community Approval), which facilitates the registration process as a new or used vehicle.


Benefiting from a high resale value, CHEREAU semi-trailers offer a particularly favourable ownership/operating cost ratio. They are the reference choice for hundreds of transporters looking for a solid, reliable, long-lasting product that will enhance their company's image.


Our teams meet your expectations and needs for innovation, manufacturing, rental and repair of semi-trailers, rigid trucks and other refrigerated vehicles. CHEREAU supports businesses every day!