Our innovative ranges

Our innovative ranges for temperature-controlled transport


In 2019, the ROAD collaborative project enabled us to present our vision of the refrigerated semi-trailer of the future.


The CHEREAU semi-trailers are entering a new era with an improved payload and better aerodynamics, they also benefit from multiplexed architecture for intelligent operation, new-generation, ultra-efficient insulation and an electric refrigeration unit powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.


The FROM ROAD TO REAL programme aims to industrialise all these innovations through four new product ranges.


INOGAM EVO range: the best selling range in France


The INOGAM EVO range is a complete redesign of the CHEREAU French market reference semi-trailer.
Our mid-range gains almost 430 kg in payload, includes the new CHEREAU aerodynamic elements as an option and offers new equipment linked to ergonomics and user safety.


The development of the internal partition and the SmartOpen-C are also worthy of note.


Hours of calculations and tests under real-life conditions have enabled us to improve the strength and at the same time reduce the weight of the chassis.



The chassis

The INOGAM EVO range includes a new, more robust, lighter chassis thanks to the use of new materials. This means a weight reduction of 233 kg for a surface-mounted chassis and 143 kg for a recessed chassis.


The body 

The body has also been redesigned to increase the payload. It includes many new options for improved safety, ergonomics and performance.


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CHEREAU NEXT range :  the smart, connected semi-trailer


A Solutrans award winner from 2017, the CHEREAU NEXT multiplexed range of semi-trailers and rigid trucks is smart and connected. For the first time, a semi-trailer is using CAN (Control Area Network) bus technology.


It benefits from the whole INOGAM EVO programme promoting ergonomic use, performance and safety. CHEREAU NEXT also includes a new module allowing it to be coupled to all the tractors on the market.


Information feedback on the dashboard remains the prerogative of Renault, Volvo and Scania for the moment.


A new communicating unit makes it possible to carry out a complete remote diagnosis of the vehicle.


CHEREAU NEXT rigid truck
Also presented for the first time at Solutrans in 2017, multiplexing is now available as standard on all rigid trucks equipped with SmartOpen-C and will soon be fitted on the entire CHEREAU rigid truck range.


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La semi-remorque Chereau connectée, primée à Solutrans depuis 2017



The CHEREAU PERFORMANCE range aims for energy sobriety and the possibility to operate your CHEREAU equipment for longer. The cold chain and the environment will appreciate it!


VIP or "Vacuum Insulated Panel" technology, based on vacuum (the best insulation there is), makes it possible to achieve unparalleled insulation performance. A semi-trailer equipped with an ATD-C1 longitudinal and vertical rail system achieves a K factor of 0.27, 20% better than an EVO version (already a reference in terms of insulation).


In addition to this initial value, we have sufficient experience through previous prototypes to qualify the ageing of this type of body with a very limited loss of efficiency over time.

VIP technology offers the advantage of a substantially longer vehicle service life. Its energy sobriety saves the refrigeration unit up to 25% in fuel. With a drop in the fuel budget, lower CO2 and particle emissions and reduced refrigeration unit maintenance, this solution is particularly interesting for long-distance activities.


The CHEREAU PERFORMANCE range protects your goods in case of refrigeration unit failure, with the temperature taking a significantly longer time to rise. For example, a load at a temperature of +2°C whose refrigeration unit breaks down would take 3 hours and twenty minutes to rise to +7°C in an INOGAM EVO semi-trailer as compared to 11 hours and 20 minutes in a CHEREAU Performance version!
Un niveau de performance d’isolation inégalé pour la gamme CHEREAU PERFORMANCE



CHEREAU believes in hydrogen as a vector of clean energy for the future. This is the reason that this technology has been implanted and tested on the ROAD concept. 


How does hydrogen work?


The green hydrogen challenge (the only one which has any sense in our opinion) is to make it from water. 

Through electrolysis, which uses electricity, water "H2O" is transformed into "H2" and "O2". The hydrogen gas obtained is a storable energy source. It can then in turn produce electricity thanks to a fuel cell. The cell will generate electricity from the hydrogen in the tank and the oxygen in the air, and will produce water.


The vehicles in the CHEREAU HYDROGEN POWER H2 range have hydrogen tanks built into the chassis between the chassis side-members, a fuel cell and a battery pack. The vehicles are designed for at least two days autonomy on long-distance journeys and one day on distribution rounds. It only takes 10 minutes to refuel.


The tests initiated by the ROAD project have made it possible to check the performances of this clean solution and make an initial estimate of the usage cost, which proves to be sufficiently relevant to initiate industrialisation.


The ROAD project has also enabled us resolve questions concerning the safety aspect through numerous discussions with experts from the fire and emergency response services. 

The lifetime of the fuel cell remains to be established. The pre-series models and the ROAD project itself will help us to determine this.

Our ambitions are clear: switch 25% of production to HYDROGEN POWER H2 technology by 2030. 

Comprendre le fonctionnement de la filière hydrogène chez Chereau

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