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Company name: Jean CHEREAU S.A.S.
Share capital: 10,000,000€
Siret (business identification) no.: 450.372.347.000.10
Companies and Trade Register: Coutances 450.372.347
Intra-community VAT no.: FR 76.450.372.347


Head of Publication:

Christophe DANTON

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Rennes Companies and Trade Register B 444 724 462


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COGNIX SYSTEMS from the OVH platform
Roubaix-Tourcoing Companies and Trade Register B 424 761 419
Registered office: 140 Quai du Sartel
59100 ROUBAIX - France


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This website uses the "WebGazelle CMS 2.0" content management solution developed by Cognix Systems, which benefits from technologies that reduce the consumption of energy resources. 

Cognix Systems' "More Web, Less Energy" is designed to establish a sustainable development model, combining an increase in the quality of our solutions and services with a significant reduction in our energy consumption.


Protection of privacy and personal data:
Data is collected for the sole purpose of establishing commercial and professional relationships with our customers.
Personal data is stored by Jean CHEREAU S.A.S. for a reasonable period.
Should a person not provide all the mandatory details in the website's forms (*Mandatory fields), they will be unable to submit the form.

The right of access and correction set out in article 34 et seq. of the aforementioned law can be exercised by sending a letter to the following address:
ZI Le Domaine, Ducey
BP 700
50307 AVRANCHES Cedex


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The whole of this website is governed by French and international copyright and intellectual property legislation. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including for iconographic and photographic representations. The reproduction of all or part of this website on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the express authorisation of the Head of Publication.

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The photographs used on this website are protected by copyright. They may not be used or reproduced without the written authorisation of Jean CHEREAU S.A.S.

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In order to guarantee its security and ensure that it is accessible to everyone, this website uses software to monitor traffic on the website, to identify unauthorised login attempts or attempts to alter information, or any other actions that could otherwise cause damage. Unauthorised attempts to upload information or to alter information, with the intention of causing damage and, in general, all attempts to obstruct the availability and integrity of this website are strictly prohibited and will be punishable by law. Article 323-1 of the French penal code states that accessing or remaining fraudulently within all or part of an automated data processing system (which is the case for a website) is punishable by a two-year prison sentence and a fine of 30,000 euros. Article 323-3 of the same code states that fraudulently introducing data into an automated data processing system or fraudulently deleting or modifying the data it contains is punishable by a five-year prison sentence and a fine of 75,000 euros.

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