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CHEREAU's combined sea/road semi-trailers




Combined sea/road transport calls for equipment that can be used on ferries. It must be easy to hitch and unhitch, have sufficient ground clearance to use ship access ramps and be able to be secured inside the hold.

CHEREAU's Ferry-C semi-trailer: combined sea/road refrigerated transport



Ferry-C is a chassis-body unit, which can be used for both sea and road transport. Based on a Chassis-C Special Refrigeration Chassis for road, it is modified using a broad coupler plate (surface or flush mounted) making it easier to hitch and unhitch the tractor unit. The running gear's suspension travel is restricted to prevent the suspension cushions being sheared off when there are major height differences. The leg stands are fitted with roller feet, to compensate for the stresses caused by hitching and unhitching on the fly. 2 x 4 external hitches comply with standard ISO 9367 and allow the semi-trailer to be secured in the hold. The bolt-on, galvanised rear underride bar is higher, with 2 protective shoes. The chassis structure is designed to prevent entry by illegal migrants. The body displays all the advantages of the INOGAM model and is suitable for all kinds of loads.




Flex-C Led


Rear lights are frequently damaged during manoeuvres and backing up to docks, and this poses a real road safety problem. Given the frequency of this problem, CHEREAU has developed Flex-C LED, an extremely robust patented rear light system, which retracts when it comes into contact with an obstacle. It is equipped with LED technology, whose usable life is significantly longer than that of traditional bulbs.






Réservoir de groupe polyéthylène-C CHEREAU

refrigeration unit tank-C


CHEREAU's reservoir is specially designed to sit behind the leg stands on a semi-trailer chassis and allows a pallet carrier to be fitted. It has a capacity of 250 litres and lasts for more than 80 hours, which is sufficient for long distance operations.


This unique reservoir has a filling opening on each side, protected by a lockable cap, and a standard anti-siphoning device. The direct reading gauge located on its left side (right side, as an option) is also compatible with the electric fuel level measuring devices for refrigeration units.




AirEfficient-C CHEREAU



This ventilation duct system, developed by CHEREAU, enables the same temperature to be maintained, to the nearest degree, throughout the entire body. It is particularly useful for very sensitive foodstuffs. Beyond the qualitative aspect, AirEfficient-C enables better use to be made of the refrigeration unit and helps to significantly reduce the refrigeration unit's fuel consumption, its usage time and, consequently, its maintenance.







INOGAM door lock


INOGAM bodies with hinged doors can be fitted with an integrated CHEREAU anti-theft system. Based on a "drawer" type padlock, it is inaccessible to tools generally used to break in to trucks (bolt cutters, grinders, crowbars, etc.). It is also protected against impacts and spray.







La pose de votre groupe frigorifique par CHEREAU

Cooling solutions


From the classic thermal unit to hybrid or electric units, including cryogenic cooling using nitrogen or CO2, CHEREAU has mastered all the existing techniques, in order to deal with your cooling issues.









CHEREAU's liveries



A semi-trailer in an urban area is a fantastic image-building and marketing tool. CHEREAU can help you design and apply your livery, whether it is designed to convey the image of your company, that of your customers or their products.


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Votre carrosserie frigorifique amovible CHEREAU sur-mesure



To meet all the specific requirements of your business, specialist customisation professionals work with you to develop solutions that meet your particular needs. In this way, our customers are offered more than 500 new non-standard solutions every year. This is one of CHEREAU's great strengths.


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