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CHEREAU's customised vehicles



In order to remain competitive in a cut-throat environment, whatever their business sector, companies need to innovate and find solutions that others are not offering. This is where customisation comes into its own. It is what has always made CHEREAU stand out from its main competitors, and as a result, CHEREAU's customers from their own competitors.



CHEREAU's solutions


An extremely broad range of options enables 100 % of standard requirements to be satisfied. 800 options are available in the CHEREAU catalogue. For those in need of a specific solution, there is a Customisation Department, for "uncoded" products, which starts by examining the customer's problem, in order to devise and design the perfect solution.




From translating a need into a solution, including design and costing, 6 people devote all their time to customisation for CHEREAU and, every year, they come up with more than 300 new solutions.


Of the 4,000 vehicles produced annually in CHEREAU's factories, 1,600 separate configurations designed to meet specific customer requirements leave the workshops; in other words, the same vehicle is only produced 2.5 times on average - far removed from its competitors' "off-the-shelf" products.