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CHEREAU's Swap Box swap bodies


The sector's requirements


Swap bodies are used for transporting perishable goods, as well as for courier services. They are a widely standardised transport solution in terms of the size of bodies, position of fixing points, strength of feet, etc. For temperature controlled transport, the position of the refrigeration unit and its tank require specific modifications.

CHEREAU's refrigerated swap bodies
Caisse amovible CHEREAU



CHEREAU develops the perfect solutions for swap bodies mounted on a self-supporting metal subframe with 4 pivoting and retractable leg stands.








Cloison Easy-C CHEREAU



The equipment's versatility is a definite plus. The ATP sets temperatures for each food group (+6° C for meat, +6° C for dairy products, -18°C for frozen foods, -20° C for ice-cream, etc.), so adapting to multi-temperature transport is becoming a necessity, which translates into the partitioning of loads in semi-trailers. The Easy-C partition is easy to handle and has a safety system that prevents it from moving at all, even when it is not attached to the roof.







CHEREAU's cooling solutions

Cooling solutions


From the classic thermal unit to hybrid or electric units, including cryogenic cooling using nitrogen or CO2, CHEREAU has mastered all the existing techniques, in order to deal with your cooling issues.









CHEREAU's liveries



A semi-trailer in an urban area is a fantastic image-building and marketing tool. CHEREAU can help you design and apply your livery, whether it is designed to convey the image of your company, that of your customers or their products.


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CHEREAU's customisation



To meet all the specific requirements of your business, specialist customisation professionals work with you to develop solutions that meet your particular needs. In this way, our customers are offered more than 500 new non-standard solutions every year. This is one of CHEREAU's great strengths.


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