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What is special about transporting frozen foods is the transport temperature, which must always be below -18°C. Legislation requires traceability of this temperature. It is therefore essential to provide vehicles equipped with exemplary insulation in order to satisfy these requirements while using the least possible energy. The new CHEREAU Performance range with record insulation based on VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) technology is the ideal solution for this type of transport. 



VIP, or Vacuum Insulated Panel technology, is a breakthrough innovation based on vacuum (the best insulation there is), and makes it possible to achieve record insulation performance.
A CHEREAU Performance semi-trailer equipped with a recessed lashing rail can achieve a K factor of 0.27! 


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This ventilation duct system, developed by CHEREAU, enables the same temperature to be maintained throughout the entire body to the nearest degree and cools down the walls quicker. It optimises the performance of the refrigeration unit.



The Easy-C Evo partition enables multi-temperature operation. Easy to handle with a secure locking system, it facilitates optimum air circulation thanks to its new end-stop spacers.



Non-slip floor particularly suited to transporting frozen food, limiting thermal bridges in multi-temperature operation.



Whether to automatically switch off the refrigeration unit when the vehicle door is opened, or to feed back “doors open” information to the dashboard (CHEREAU NEXT range) or via telematics, the door contact is an essential accessory for energy efficiency and operating security.


Component of the CHEREAU aerodynamic system, the AeroTop-C is an aluminium roof deflector making it possible to save 0.3 L/100 km on long-distance trips.


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Component of the CHEREAU aerodynamic system reducing consumption by 0.7 L/100 km or 1.1 L/100 km when combined with the AeroTop-C.
These aluminium components are manually deployed and fold automatically when the doors are opened.


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Press-and-hold rear door opening and closing system. It provides better ergonomics than traditional rear doors for distribution activities.


The AirShutter-C curtain limits transfers between the internal and external air. If the temperatures are different, it starts up automatically, thus helping to extend rounds for the vehicle.



CHEREAU can mount the main telematics systems on the market, and also provides additional telematic data associated with refrigeration units via an EBS connection.



CHEREAU has mastered all the existing technologies, from standard fuel-or gas-powered units to hybrid or 100% electric units.

Our teams meet your expectations and needs for innovation, manufacturing, rental and repair of semi-trailers, rigid trucks and other refrigerated vehicles. CHEREAU supports businesses every day!