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CHEREAU's rigids for out-of-home catering




Supplying out-of-home catering establishments is a demanding sector, which requires the right equipment for its specific needs: frequent stops and door openings, deliveries in urban areas, foodstuffs at different temperatures, operation by day and night, etc. The challenges: being able to complete rounds whilst maintaining the set temperatures from the first customer to the last, whatever the outside temperature, offering quiet solutions for night deliveries and non-polluting solutions for urban environments.

CHEREAU's refrigerated rigids for out-of-home catering



This is CHEREAU’s brand new patented electric rear opening system, with pulsed opening in less than 10 seconds. It allows the body to be closed after each pallet, parcel or dolly, thereby protecting the goods carried and allowing for longer rounds, even during heatwaves.

Its original opening, above the bodywork, allows for the installation of all the interior fittings that are essential for modern urban deliveries: partitions for multi-compartments, rear evaporators, AirShutter-C air curtain.

The SmartOpen-C is reliable, benefits from excellent insulation, requires little maintenance and complies with the Piek label for night deliveries. It has a load capacity of 33 pallets on the floor.




Cloison Easy-C CHEREAU



The equipment's versatility is a definite plus. The ATP sets temperatures for each food group (+6° C for meat, +6° C for dairy products, -18°C for frozen foods, -20° C for ice-cream, etc.), so adapting to multi-temperature transport is becoming a necessity, which translates into the partitioning of loads in semi-trailers. The Easy-C partition is easy to handle and has a safety system that prevents it from moving at all, even when it is not attached to the roof.







Porte latérale CHEREAU

Side doors


CHEREAU offers you an entire range of solutions for ergonomic side doors (single, double or sliding doors) with an access ladder, a retractable step or a folding step. A strap completes this system, enabling the driver to access the vehicle in complete safety. With a simple, lockable closing mechanism, operation is easy and secure.







AirShutter-C CHEREAU



One of the key issues of distribution is hot air entering the inside of the vehicle each time the door is opened. So, when you have multiple customers requiring deliveries on the same round, maintaining the set temperature is sometimes difficult. The use of an AirShutter-C smart air curtain enables transfers between internal and external air to be limited. AirShutter-C analyses the difference between the inside and outside temperature and automatically starts if necessary. It helps to extend rounds for the same vehicle.






Hayon élévateur CHEREAU



CHEREAU produces a wide range of lifting or retractable tailgates, and a range of selected accessories from those produced by three main partners: Dhollandia, Zepro and Bär. The incorporation of other models is also possible via the Customisation Department. The modular design of the rear of the chassis makes it easy to swap from a tailgate configuration to an underride bar configuration.







Rampe de feux CHEREAU



Distribution exposes the vehicle and the driver to risks during stops, especially as these are not always made in dedicated locations. Lights alert users that a delivery is underway, thereby helping to protect the driver. CityLight include four essential functions to properly signal the delivery area and avoid any cause of accidents : a high-level repeat of the indicators and hazard lights, a very safe dynamic flash signalling, ahigh-performance work light.










Consumers demand fresh produce every day and the logistics chain must be able to fulfil this expectation. However, delivering to town and city centres during the day is increasingly difficult (traffic congestion, parking, pollution, etc.). Delivering at night, outside rush hours, is a good solution, provided this does not disturb residents. Consequently, CHEREAU has developed QuietCity, a range of quiet vehicles (less than 60 dBa for the PieK standard, which is equivalent to a conversation) to meet this need.






Les solutions de froid - groupes frigorifiques CHEREAU

Cooling solutions


From the classic thermal unit to hybrid or electric units, including cryogenic cooling using nitrogen or CO2, CHEREAU has mastered all the existing techniques, in order to deal with your cooling issues. Two kinds of solutions are particularly appropriate for distribution and its environmental constraints: cryogenics and geolocation, which automatically manages classic thermal units (automatic switching to Piek mode at certain times depending on the geographic location).







CHEREAU's liveries



A rigid in an urban area is a fantastic image-building and marketing tool. CHEREAU can help you design and apply your livery,  whether it is designed to convey the image of your company, that of your customers or their products.


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Le sur-mesure CHEREAU



To meet all the specific requirements of your business, specialist customisation professionals work with you to develop solutions that meet your particular needs. In this way, our customers are offered more than 500 new non-standard solutions every year. This is one of CHEREAU's great strengths.


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