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From abattoirs to meat cutting and processing plants, specific methods of transport must be used to "carry" quarters of meat under the best possible conditions. Loads are no longer placed on the floor, but instead hung from the roof, with specific systems for each type of meat. The compatibility between the abattoirs' networks and those of transport vehicles calls for sophisticated on-board distribution and connection devices. The distribution of quarters of meat to butchers requires other, even more specialised, means of carrying and handling.



CHEREAU's refrigerated rigids for meat
MeatHanging-C CHEREAU



Rigids designed for transporting hanging meat are one of CHEREAU's great specialities. They are an entirely specific equipment with a roof, side walls and floor designed specially for this kind of activity. All the components have the necessary reinforcement to bear loads suspended from the roof, which can exceed 22 tonnes. It is not unusual for customers to use this type of vehicle configuration for over 12 years (ATP renewal for using tunnels).






Penderie tubulaire CHEREAU

Tubular hanging rail


Routinely used for carrying pig carcasses, our tubular hanging rail is available in 2 diameters: 50/60 mm (Euro rail) or 40/49 mm. Each tube (a total of 5 in general) is supported by extruded aluminium arms with locking sliders, which enable the quarters of meat to be held in place, in order to restrict movement during transport. They are equipped with a fall protection system for the loading / unloading phases. The hooks used for this hanging system are DIN 250 (sliding) hooks with 50/60 mm tubes or diabolo (rolling) hooks for 40/49 mm tubes. For mixed rail / pallet use, CHEREAU has developed various devices for storing the hooks in the roof. This hanging system is compatible with abattoir networks and the LEVIAND hydraulic gantry.




Penderie rail CHEREAU

Hanging rails


For heavy loads (oxen or cows), the bi-rail hanging system remains the favourite. Thanks to its principle of two parallel rails with moulded aluminium supports, the bi-rail system ensures that hooks roll smoothly, making it easier to work during loading/unloading phases. It is fully compatible with abattoirs' networks and the LEVIAND hydraulic gantry, and carcass handling times are very short.







La penderie viande à glissières CHEREAU

Slide hanging rail


Another hanging mechanism, known as the "slide" system, is the most compact on the market. Made from 50 mm thick C-shaped aluminium profiles bolted directly to the inside of the roof, this hanging system uses sliding mushroom head hooks. This hanging system design is not compatible with abattoirs' networks, so moving quarters from the abattoir to the semi-trailer requires human intervention or robotic handling. This hanging system is frequently used for transporting lamb.






Aiguillages et raccordements CHEREAU

Switch plate and connection


Thanks to a connection pole, quarters of meat are transferred almost automatically from the abattoir network to the body of the semi-trailer. This pole and the on-board hanging rail system in the semi-trailer are linked using a connector. These connectors differ depending on the hanging system model. CHEREAU has developed a removable and interchangeable connector in order to be as versatile as possible. In order to evenly distribute the numerous quarters of meat within the body, tubular and bi-rail hanging systems can be used with single outlet or inter-rail switch plates.








Unloading a carcass from a vehicle is a difficult, or even dangerous, operation when it is carried out using a step ladder. LEVIAND is an on-board hydraulic gantry with a capacity of 600 - 1200 Kg. Made entirely from stainless steel, it is connected to the semi-trailer's hanging system network with multiple outlets. In compliance with the (EC) machinery directive, this safety equipment is recognised by CARSAT organisations, which may help co-finance its acquisition.






La pose de votre groupe frigorifique par CHEREAU

Cooling solutions


From the classic thermal unit to hybrid or electric units, including cryogenic cooling using nitrogen or CO2, CHEREAU has mastered all the existing techniques, in order to deal with your cooling issues. Two kinds of solutions are particularly appropriate for distribution and its environmental constraints: cryogenics and geolocation, which automatically manages classic thermal units (automatic switching to Piek mode at certain times depending on the geographic location).







CHEREAU's liveries



A rigid in an urban area is a fantastic image-building and marketing tool. CHEREAU can help you design and apply your livery,  whether it is designed to convey the image of your company, that of your customers or their products.


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To meet all the specific requirements of your business, specialist customisation professionals work with you to develop solutions that meet your particular needs. In this way, our customers are offered more than 500 new non-standard solutions every year. This is one of CHEREAU's great strengths.


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