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The challenge


Transport under controlled temperatures requires a body wi th very good insulating properties. Over and above the mechanical properties and compliance with the cold chain, a guarantee of controlled operating costs and high residual value, the refrigerated bodies must contribute to creating significant savings in fuel consumption and aging of the refrigeration unit.



The solution CHEREAU


With more than 500 interior and exterior equipment and accessory options, the INOGAM refrigerated body developed by CHEREAU offers an infinite range of combinations. The INOGAM body is also the guarantee of having a vehicle perfectly suited to your current needs and future changes in your business.




Description of the INOGAM Body


  • A non-deformable rear frame
  • Side walls for any need
  • Invulnerable floors
  • The best polyester materials
  • Millimetre tolerance assembly
  • Unequalled insulation performance

The CHEREAU advantages


  • Polyester technology
  • Quality of the materials used
  • High-performance insulation


  • Exclusive assembly limiting thermal bridging
  • Solidity and durability
  • Ease of maintenance


 INOGAM body