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CHEREAU's rigids for fish





Transporting fish requires vehicles that are specially protected against corrosion and are suitable for loading and unloading products packaged in a specific manner. 

CHEREAU's rigids for fish



The Bumper-C, patented by CHEREAU, is the "ultimate weapon" for protecting the rear of your vehicle when backing up to docks. With an innovative design, it absorbs the energy of an impact and acts as a shock absorber. The Bumper-C allows lifting and lowering manoeuvres to be carried out by the vehicle at a dock without any risk of shearing or distortion. The Bumper-C is acclaimed by carriers, who manage considerable savings on maintenance and repairs to the rear frames of their vehicles. It is fitted on more than 90% of CHEREAU's chassis.








A refrigerated body must be both powerful and robust. CHEREAU bodies benefit from a design that combines excellent insulation with specific assemblies, offering the highest performance level on the market and strength that has become the industry benchmark.


For transporting fish, CHEREAU produces bodies with super-insulated thick side walls with an internal width of 2,470 mm, the internal height of which is maximised, which enables them to remain within the overall height limit of four metres.





Plancher UltraResist-C



UltraResist-C is an aluminium floor that allows you to slide fish market boxes while guaranteeing a secure level of grip during loading and unloading operations. It is designed for heavy duty use and is particularly strong. This floor comprises a one-piece panel, guaranteeing outstanding performance and quality over time.







Réservoir à eaux usées CHEREAU

Waste water reservoir


Legislation in certain European countries prohibits the discharge of "waste water" on the public highway. A network of pipes carries run-off from the rear of the body to a 160-litre stainless steel tank located in the chassis overhang. The tank is equipped with a plug controlled by a manually-operated valve, which enables it to be emptied in permitted areas.







Galvanised subframe


The marine environment is extremely harsh on metal components, in particular on all the components beneath the chassis that are exposed to spray. Galvanisation of the subframe is an effective response to corrosion, as it protects this high-wear component guaranteeing its long-term strength.



La pose de votre groupe frigorifique par CHEREAU

Cooling solutions


From the classic thermal unit to hybrid or electric units, including cryogenic cooling using nitrogen or CO2, CHEREAU has mastered all the existing techniques, in order to deal with your cooling issues. Two kinds of solutions are particularly appropriate for distribution and its environmental constraints: cryogenics and geolocation, which automatically manages classic thermal units (automatic switching to Piek mode at certain times depending on the geographic location).







CHEREAU's liveries



A rigid in an urban area is a fantastic image-building and marketing tool. CHEREAU can help you design and apply your livery,  whether it is designed to convey the image of your company, that of your customers or their products.


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Votre porteur frigorifique CHEREAU sur-mesure



To meet all the specific requirements of your business, specialist customisation professionals work with you to develop solutions that meet your particular needs. In this way, our customers are offered more than 500 new non-standard solutions every year. This is one of CHEREAU's great strengths.


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