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Châssis-C (Refrigeration Specific)




Châssis-C refrigeration specific

The challenge


The transport of merchandise must be efficient, rapid and safe. Consequently, the bodies and chassis of transport vehicles subject to heavy loads must be definitively reliable and suitable for all transport stress. The chassis used for the transport of perishable foods must therefore have specific characteristics. The chassis geometry, structure and design are the parameters that determine safety and a longer life.

The solution CHEREAU


The Châssis-C Refrigeration Specific is a chassis whose wheelbase (distance between the pivot axis and the axis of the centre axle) and the axle width are optimised. Thus, it favours road holding and the distribution of loads for driving in complete safety while making maximum savings. Suitable for varied operations (ground-level loading, hanging meat, multi-levels, distribution, etc.), and because of its flexibility, the Châssis-C Refrigeration Specific remains the controlled temperature transport standard. Available with one, two or three axles, it has been specially developed for the body it will carry.



Technical characteristics of the Châssis-C Refrigeration Specific


Technical characteristics of the Châssis-C Refrigeration Specific


The CHEREAU advantage

  • Dimensions optimised for exceptional road-holding
  • Chassis geometry allowing a wide range of equipment
  • Vertical buffers at the end of the longitudinal beams
  • Compatible with disc or drum brakes
  • Reduced operating costs


  • Modular design allowing all types of rear equipment(ultra-rapid interchangeability of the rear section)
  • Customisable lacquered paint
  • Bumper-C option
  • Flex-C LED option


 Châssis-C Refrigeration Specific