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CHEREAU's Service Centres undertake to use parts covered by the CHEREAU genuine parts guarantee, to train their repair and maintenance teams in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and to adhere to the shortest possible service times for immobilised vehicles. Total commitment for the benefit of customers.







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CHEREAU Service Center quality charter



General conditions



Service Center CHEREAU undertake to ensure that their companies' facilities comply with the applicable standards relating to health, safety and environmental protection.





The Service Center CHEREAU bodybuilder's adherence to this charter is demonstrated by the appearance of the "Service Center CHEREAU" sign on the front of their establishments.


Jean CHEREAU SAS undertakes to promote the name and status of Service Center CHEREAU by all the means it deems necessary to increase cooperation between the parties.




Service Center CHEREAU must reserve to its customers a reception of quality, up to the expected performance, in line with the brand image of the company CHEREAU.




The customer receives information and advice relating to health regulations, weights and dimensions, servicing, maintenance and repair of its vehicles from Service Center CHEREAU.



Staff qualifications and quality of service


In order to permanently guarantee the quality of their services, Service Center CHEREAU maintain their staff's qualifications by means of regular training on the technical development and features of new CHEREAU refrigerated bodies.


Jean CHEREAU SAS provides Service Center with the technical documentation needed to provide services in accordance with its quality-related instructions. CHEREAU Service Center tools and equipment are reliable and comply with regulations. Service Center CHEREAU thereby guarantee the quality of the work carried out.


The Service Center CHEREAU provide its customer with parts only from the manufacturer's original equipment.




The customer receives a clear and objective price proposal from the Service Center CHEREAU detailing each item: chassis, bodywork, unit and tailgate; spare parts and labour are separated and the hourly rate specified. Any deviation of more than 5% from the initial proposal will be subject to an additional proposal duly signed by the client.






The CHEREAU Service Center Commission drew up this charter. The Commission requires the charter to be displayed, monitors its' compliance and undertakes to respond to all observations that may be submitted to it.






Service Center CHEREAU undertake to draw up a repair order, in the form of a proposal. This document, once signed by the customer, gives a Service Center the "go-ahead" to start work.

Likewise, Service Center CHEREAU undertake to inform their customers of any anomalies, defects or wear that they may have detected during the course of work. Any additional intervention will generate an additional proposal in due and proper form.



Itemised billing


Service Center CHEREAU undertake to supply their customers with an itemised bill of the services provided. These bills must comply with the reference quotes approved by customers.


Service Center CHEREAU and customers will attempt to settle any disputes amicably in the event of a disagreement. If necessary, the Service Center CHEREAU Commission may intervene in order to find a compromise solution.





Customer satisfaction


The Service Center CHEREAU authorizes the company Jean CHEREAU SAS to conduct a customer satisfaction survey of customers using CHEREAU vehicles, who have made use of its services. Service Center CHEREAU must provide a list of CHEREAU customers for which they have carried out work.


The results of this survey, once analyzed by the Service Center CHEREAU Commission, will be sent to the professional for the purpose of improving the performance of their services.



Partnership renewals


Every two years, the Service Center CHEREAU Commission will conduct a service evaluation and will monitor compliance with the commitments made by professionals and appearing in this charter.


At this point, the Service Center CHEREAU Commission will meet to decide whether to renew the commitment between the parties.





Professionals undertake to only supply their customers with the manufacturer's genuine spare parts, with the aim of providing a quality that is identical to a new vehicle.

They will hold a minimum stock of genuine spare parts recommended by the manufacturer, and will benefit from a priority supply service from CHEREAU Services' central warehouse.





During long repairs, a Service Center CHEREAU must be able to provide CHEREAU customers with single and multi-temperature semi-trailers for hire.

The company Jean CHEREAU SAS may provide the Service Center CHEREAU with a rental vehicle at a preferential price for a sufficiently long period, to be determined between the parties.
It is understood that our commitment is subject to the availability of the materials.





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